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Essay writing in high school was pretty much a straightforward affair. You likely didn’t need to use essay writing help. You just needed to craft a nice intro, a three-paragraph body, and a conclusion summarizing the main points. But college-level writing might use some essay writing help. How does essay writing in college differ from high school essay writing? The basic structure remains the same whether you’re writing a college-level essay or a high school essay. However, college essays typically require more detailed explanations and deeper analyses than high school essays.

The Place of the Five-Paragraph Essay in College Writing

The five-paragraph essay may not be most professors’ preferred essay format. However, this type of essay isn’t completely absent in college writing. It’s just that lots of professors don’t seem to like the five-paragraph essay.

The five-paragraph essay is the simplest kind of essay you’ll ever write. College professors probably feel that the five-paragraph essay lets college students get away with doing just the bare minimum.

College-level writing should extend beyond merely collecting bits and pieces of information to cobble up an essay. You must outgrow the high school essay. Most professors hate it, and you want to play ball.

The Essay Writing Process

Writing a college-level essay isn’t an event. It’s a process. It’s a clear path that you should follow if you want to turn in papers that shine. The process starts with reading the essay question and understanding it. Then, there’s the collection of credible sources. Critical thinking or evaluation of the sources follows. Finally, you should write, edit, and proofread your essay.

Seemingly, it’s straightforward. It’s simple. But does that mean it’s easy? Some of the simplest things in life can also be the most complex. Consider the humble bacteria or algae. You’ll begin to understand how simple things can also be complex. Now, let’s dive right in and see how the process works.

Read the Instructions

Most people can remember a time when they finished a seemingly easy test in an hour or so. When the teacher returned the papers, they couldn’t believe the letter grade they saw. It simply didn’t reflect their true ability! Why did they fail? They quickly answered questions without fully understanding what exactly their teacher required them to do. In other words, they didn’t grasp the instructions even though they thought they did.

Following Simple Rules Isn’t Always Easy

Follow this simple rule: NEVER start answering an essay question until you’ve fully understood the question asked. Now, shouldn’t that be a simple rule? It is, but lots of students pay little regard to this rule. As a result, they keep seeing grades that don’t look as good as they’d want. So, read the question asked. Then, re-read it. Read it again if you must. Always make sure you’ve learned all the requirements.

What Topic Will You Study?

Has your professor given you a specific topic to research? In that case, you must study the particular topic they want. But sometimes, your teacher may let you select a topic to study. In either scenario, be sure to narrow your topic down to a specific aspect. Did you know that the right essay writing help provider can assist you to choose a suitable topic?

Write a Good Thesis Statement

The thesis statement directs how you build your essay. The quality of the final draft depends, to an appreciable extent, on your thesis statement. A thesis statement is an assertion you make at the beginning of the writing process. Your argument needs to prove it.

A good academic writer gathers relevant facts and evidence and builds an argument that withstands criticism. A person who reads a well-developed thesis statement should quickly know the main message an essay attempts to communicate.

Design Your Outline

The outline is a plan that organizes your information and thoughts into coherence. A good outline encourages you to think deeply about the kind of information you should include in different sections. It’s during this stage that all the ideas you’d collected while reviewing your sources begin to take shape. Ideas, facts, and evidence become sentences, paragraphs, and sections.

Write Your Essay: Need Essay Writing Help?

While writing your essay, start with the intro, then the body, and finally the conclusion. But doesn’t that sound precisely like the usual high school essay? It does. However, your essay’s introduction and body may feature different subsections depending on the specific essay format you’re using.

For example, your essay may combine the introduction and some background information. The body may include a bit of literature review and critically evaluated findings from existing research. A college-level essay presents information in a way that showcases your ability to develop deep arguments.

Use Simple Formal English and Avoid Fancy Words, Contractions, Idioms, and Phrasal Verbs

Use short sentences. Present your thoughts in the simplest and clearest English your vocabulary allows. Always use clean, formal English. Resist the temptation to use fancy words, contractions, and colloquialisms. Use phrasal verbs and idioms sparingly. Actually, it’s best to avoid them altogether. As an academic writer, your job is to communicate ideas and views in the clearest way you can. And these constructions can get in the way.

One more thing: refrain from using words belonging to bygone eras. These are words such as wherefore, whence, beseech, unto, art, betimes and betwixt. However, you may use some of these words depending on what you’re writing. For example, words such as betwixt and art may still find relevance in poetry.

Avoid Plagiarism

You’ll normally use other people’s ideas, theories, or quotations while building your argument. Be sure to reference your sources correctly. You never want to get associated with plagiarism. Sidestepping plagiarism isn’t hard if you can paraphrase sources. But make sure your ideas and critical thinking become part of the essay.

Know the referencing style you’re supposed to use. If your teacher hasn’t given clear directions, go with the style scholars and authors in your field normally use. For example, law assignments typically use Oxford style while nursing uses APA style. You need a bit of essay writing help with your citations, don’t you?

Editing and Proofreading Your Essay: The Right Essay Writing Help Provider Can Assist You

You don’t think editing and proofreading are the same thing, do you? They’re not. Editing looks at your writing much more closely and does a lot more for you than proofreading. Editing makes your content easy to read. It also helps you to align your writing with the needs of your audience — it gets the tone right.

Finally, editing makes sure every section follows a logical structure. In contrast, proofreading only cares about surface-level issues such as spelling, word choice, and formatting. Both processes, when completed correctly, give you a perfect essay.

Need Essay Writing Help?

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