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When one buys a product or service, they don’t expect any major issues to emerge later on. But you probably have heard stories of people who bought services online only to rue their decision afterwards. Sometimes the best thing to do is to return the product. But what happens when your purchase is a service? We prepared this resource to answer that question. This refund policy is probably the most straightforward money-back guarantee on the web. It describes in plain English what to do in case you find that the service you received was downright mediocre.

How Our Refund Policy Works

When you raise a quality-related concern, our Quality Assurance department immediately jumps into action. A qualified editor re-examines your model paper, comparing your initial instructions to the content on the paper. They note down all the issues. Then they hand over the model paper to a writer who specializes in your field to revise it. The person who wrote the paper incorporates the required edits into the work, addressing every concern. But you can request that the revision request be handled by someone else.

Still don’t like the model paper? No worries — request one more edit. Don’t stop until the paper becomes perfect. We don’t charge for revisions. So you can request as many edits as your mode paper needs to be perfect. But if you still think the paper’s quality is way below the quality level you expected, request a refund. Our people in the finance department normally process refunds in 5 business days.

Note: You need to have requested at least 3 edits before you can request a refund.

When Should I Request a Refund?

Here are 5 specific instances that may warrant a refund.

  • If we double-charged your account.
  • If you submitted two identical orders.

You MUST notify us of this issue immediately so we can address it. Do that before we assign the orders. What if we have assigned the order and your writer has written a substantial part of it? In that case, your refund will be equal to the portion of work not yet done at that point.

  • If you cancel the order for whatever reason before it gets assigned. You don’t need to explain a thing. As long as the order has not been assigned, you should access your refund after 5 business days.

Our Quality Assurance Department

Before we process any refund, we let our Quality Assurance people review the model paper in question. Everyone in this team is a qualified editor. Also, they’re familiar with your field or discipline. The department operates independently — whatever they say stands. But don’t worry. The customer wins 99.99% of the time!

Sometimes we may feel that a particular model paper is perfect, but the client may still insist it’s not. What happens then? We advise the client to rewrite that model paper and submit it. If the client has fairly good writing skills but still makes an F, we’ll refund their order price. No questions asked.

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