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Do you really need information systems assignment help? An information system degree isn’t as challenging as a computer science degree. In addition, information systems students encounter fewer high-level math courses than CS students do. Information systems is somewhat less demanding than CS. But it doesn’t mean you’ll see lots of free time. In an information systems degree, you’ll write lots of code in PHP, SQL, and Java. But you won’t do as much Java as CS majors do. Instead, you’ll see lots of programming assignments. Plus, there’s still a bit of math in information systems.

Why Did You Choose Information Systems?

There’s a reason you selected this program rather than computer science or any other program. We suspect you chose this degree because you’re in love with all things computers. You like it that the program empowers you so you can help people who fear or hate computers.

But you likely didn’t know there was going to be some math down the road, did you? Nor did you think the program would be as demanding as it has turned out to be.

Good news: you’ll likely have a successful college career. That’s because you’re passionate about computers and computer systems. And passion goes a long way toward fanning people’s commitment to something. If you haven’t noticed yet, some of your classmates use a little information systems assignment help. That’s probably why they’re seeing a lot more “As” than you are.

4 Differences between Information Systems and Computer Science

You already understand how these two seemingly similar career tracks differ. We included this section for those who might think that computer science and information systems are one and the same degree. While the two degrees overlap in a few areas including software engineering, they’re different.

Difference #1: Computer Science is a Math-heavy Degree

People who hate math should think twice before choosing this career path. CS students encounter lots of fascinating but complex mathematical theories and equations. Anyone debating whether to choose computer science or not should first of all decide if they’re comfortable around math.

Ask any CS student.

They’ll tell you there’s lots of complex math there. There’s statistical analysis, differential equations, probability, calculus, and geometry. Actually, the math does get so overwhelming at some point that some CS majors opt to shift to information systems. And that’s the reason scores of CS students use computer science assignment help.

So, is there Math in Information Systems?

Yes. But not as much math as you’d see in a computer science degree. From what we’ve gleaned, information systems majors see about as much math as business majors do.

Hate math?

Good news for you: you most likely won’t see anything more complex than pre-calculus or calculus I and numerical analysis. Pretty much anyone with basic math skills can endure the math courses covered by an information systems degree. But we’ve seen lots of students who needed a bit of information systems assignment help.

Difference #2: Programming Languages: Information Systems vs. Computer Science

Students in these two programs encounter quite a few coding courses. But there’s a slight difference in terms of what each degree focuses on.

The native language for students in information systems is SQL and PHP. There’s also a bit of Java and a few other languages. For computer science students, Java is the native language. By “native” language, we mean that’s the language most frequently spoken by students and practitioners in those fields.

Do you love coding?

You probably do. From what we’ve seen, scores of information systems students find coding fascinating. That’s mostly because they know coding can help them solve complex system issues. We’d say information systems cares more about programming than it does about math. By contrast, computer science focuses more on math than on programming.

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Difference # 3: Information Systems Views Computers and Systems as Tools

While both information systems and computer science are about computers, computer science is too much into them. CS concerns itself with how computers think and function. Information systems, by contrast, sees computers as tools to solve problems.

For IS, what matters more is the ability of computers to help them address specific problems. We can safely say: computer scientists know how and why computers work. Bur IS experts see computers as tools that give people enormous power to address myriads of problems. IS sees computers and computer systems as tools that support the practical application of technology.

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Difference #4: Unlike Computer Science, Information Systems Stays “Fresh”

People who’re afraid of constant change often find this program enormously exciting. Information systems is fluid by nature. That means it’s always evolving. New programming languages and ideas keep happening.

Ideas in many other fields typically evolve from existing ones. But that’s not always the case with IS. In IS, completely new ideas that have little in common with existing ones keep showing up. As a result, students and practitioners in this space keep learning new things. Isn’t learning new stuff inherently exciting? It is.

As for computer science, there isn’t much change to talk of for the most part. Remember: CS is a math-heavy degree. And math stays pretty much the same. New theories, ideas, and concepts tend to evolve from existing ones.

Information systems is exciting. But that’s not to say you won’t need some information systems assignment help.

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