Business Capstone Project Ideas


The business capstone project is usually a two-semester commitment that places seniors on projects that align with their skills and interests. Sometimes, you’ll work in a team comprised of five or more other students. Other times, it is an individual project. If you’re studying a business problem a sponsor or client wants to be addressed, you’ll typically have someone from that organization guiding you. Such a person serves as a mentor who offers general project advice. The mentor also provides project context while assisting you in terms of getting access to data and other resources. So, how many business capstone project ideas have you considered? You may want to examine a couple of them to see if one of them moves you in some way.

A Business Capstone Project Focuses on Real-world Challenges

What makes the senior capstone so important is that it focuses on real-world challenges and business problems. It is best to be on a team that intends to attack a specific problem presented by a real business out there. After all, that’s where you’re heading to after graduation. The business senior capstone aims to transition you from your college career to the real business world. Entities that sponsor capstone projects include Government agencies, NGOs, companies, startups, advocacy groups, and educational institutions. Your business capstone project ideas should help these sponsors solve their problems.

Types of Business Capstone Projects

A business capstone project focuses on solving business or other real-world problems. It is a results-oriented process that culminates in a product, a new method, process, approach, policy, and so on. Stop for a moment and think about all the activities that take place in actual businesses. Mergers, acquisitions, hiring, firing, procurement, marketing, advertisement, training. Each activity or aspect of business management presents you with different ideas for your business capstone project. Your senior capstone may analyze an acquisition, a merger, or a divestiture. Your study may also focus on modelling or analysis of the intellectual property, equipment, or investments. You may also research proto-type development or perform a market analysis of new, innovative technology. As you can see, there are many topic areas you may consider and come up with an award-winning capstone project.

Here is a Couple Business Capstone Project Ideas You May Want to look at for Your Senior Capstone:

  • Does Outsourcing Have Any Positive Impact on the Bottom Line?
  • Discrimination at the Place: How Discrimination at the Workplace Impacts on the Productivity of Latino Workers
  • Employee Behavior: To What Extent Should Companies and Organizations Hold Employees Responsible?
  • Integration of Diverse Cultures into the Corporate Culture of a Business: Benefits and Challenges
  • Corporate Governance: Understanding Abuse of Executive Power by Senior Managers Leading American Public Companies
  • Effective Leadership in the Retail Space: Measuring Specific Behavior that Predict Good Leadership
  • The Effect of Tax Breaks on Business Performance: Are Tax Breaks for Small Enterprises in the U.S. Justifiable?
  • Workforce Regulations: Effect on the Cost of Doing Business in the United States
  • The Evolution of the American Workplace Over the Last 30 Years
  • Positive Relations in the Workplace: Effect on Employee Productivity
  • Managing the 21st-Century Business: Are New Management Approaches Necessary in the Digital Age?
  • Unethical Practices and Business Management: Are Unethical Practices Ever Justifiable?
  • S. Tax Reform 2019: Implications and Expectations
  • S. New Tax Rates and New Tax Brackets: Effect on Household Incomes
  • The Shrinking American Middle-class and the Performance of U.S. Companies: A Case Study
  • To What Extent has Minimalism Affected the Demand of Apple’s Premium Products?
  • Should Multinational Companies Start Moving Away from the U.S. and Toward Emerging Economies?

You see, you can brainstorm and generate tens of business capstone project ideas in one sitting. But you obviously can’t work on all of the ideas you come up with. The topic you end up working on is a matter of personal choice and a few other factors. Availability of sources, topic relevance, and your level of interest in a topic are the main factors that determine the topic selection.


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